Deadlands: On the Trail

Collins Springs, Colorado

iron horse, horse brain and super brain

The fellowship – without a ring or a goose – was hired to protect the train from Liberty to Collins Spring. For their work they should get a free passage and a corresponding salary. But this route was known as a very dangerous part of the railroad net, because a group of bandits made trouble in this area. Therefore the last wagon of the train was armored by covering in iron plates and a group of bold guards including our adventurers Eleanore, Mary Lou, Adams character accompanied the train.

The commander of the guards Quentin introduced them to the rest of the crew, including two other soldiers of fortune a small and boyish person called Marten Cannary and Ben an fierce thief (not from the ‘Dalton Brothers’ ;-) ). Marten told that he was a former Ponyexpress rider and left to look after the horses of the group in the horse wagon. The rest of the group inspected in the meanwhile the armored wagon, the headquarter of the guards on the trip. In the middle of the wagon was a thing, covered with a dirty piece of cloth. A guard nearby called the thing with an caring voice ‘Bessie’. Ben couldn’t keep his fingers away from the cover and opened it, beneath was a big box which looked like containing a large amount of money and on top of this box was ‘Bessie’. ‘Bessie’ was a large and well cared gatling gun. A real scientist has inborn interest in in all kind of machines, especially if they are large and make a loud bang. So Eleanore had a closer look to the gat. She thought for some seconds then sniped her fingers and shouted: “With some ghostrock we could improve the gatling, to an even more deadly weapon, the ‘gatling of the doom’ which will fire much faster and if we change the handwheel against pedals, we will increase the firing rate tremendously, too”.

For the next hours nothing special happened and all were hanging around lazy in the wagon. On his round Adams character heard suddenly a strange sound, something like a secret signal and saw one of the crew sitting on the floor, leaned against a wall. He didn’t give the guy a change to talk or to take his weapon and killed him instantaneously with his gun. In this moment all felt the wagon slowing his speed. They looked out of the window and saw or better not saw the other wagons and the engine. The bandits had kidnapped the train and disconnected the last wagon with all the guards. A dozen bandits were following the wagon on horses and opened fire. The voodoo mambo Mary Lou used her power to cast fear on the riders. Marten took this chance to climb up on the roof of the wagon and gave a taste of his shooting skills. He killed four of the riders with precise shoots. By the force of his Winchester even the horses were killed and there brain splashed around. Adams character could injure a lot of the riders and horses with his three sticks of dynamite. And the other adventurers blasted from all weapons, too. In the end the surviving riders fled.

But danger was not over. The commander of the guards Quentin jumped on the gatling and forced the adventurers to go to the next station to get help. After some hours of march they reached the station. But it was deserted, and they found the corpses of the gatekeeper,three passengers and the dead conducter beneath the building. Next to the station, was a big wet spot, which seemed to be caused by a steam-powered vehicle. The power supply of the Morse undulator was cut, and no one knew the Morse code too, so they couldn’t send a message to ask for help. But they found a map in the station. On the map a village not far away from the station was marked. So they started to walk to this village…..

Everyone attending gets 2 XP.



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