Deadlands: On the Trail

Pickman, Colorado: Go - we'll cover you!

Stuck in a little saloon upstairs room with nose ferrets outside, Abe chose to take the furniture apart. The veterans in the group scratched their heads meanwhile as of how to deal with the vampire infestation. Abe tried to make torches made of bed legs and curtains – under the complaints of Camilla, who had them ordered. Also there were two lanterns. Oh well.

They dared to explore the saloon and found a scene of carnage in the store room, an impromptu larder for the vampires. They saved a soldier named Jim, but another of the dead rose just in time to react. Eleanore is running out of charges for her wonder gun quickly.

They “covered” Jim while he picked up some rifles from the main street belonging to him and his fallen comrades. They heard pleas for help from the local jail. Eleanore went and Jim accompanied her. Two vampires were besieging a man locked into a cell. They charged her and Jim. She could help herself, but Jim got bitten and sucked out. Poor Jim, we barely knew you…



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