Deadlands: On the Trail

Liberty, Colorado

Welcome to the Weird (and Wild) West. These are days when spirits must be brave, stakes are high, and men are real men, women are real women and creatures drawn from the darkest places of imagination are (unfortunately) very real… though not everyone believes it. Not yet.

On the plains of Colorado, a group of adventurers ride west, each one with a different goal, and united by convenience: Mary Lou, Gary and Eleanore. Already tired by a long journey on horse, they arrived to a small town.

Liberty CO, as they noticed, had a very small population count, which have been updated multiple times in recent days. They saw the hanged body of a man, at the entrance of the town. Looking for a place to rest, they continued to the main street of the town, straight into the Saloon.

After ordering some drinks, they started to inquire about the town, and specially, about the hanged body. They found out that the dead man was actually a murderer that was recently judged and received the death penalty. They also learned that, since he was hanged, a new murder had occur every night, and it was always people that went out of their house after the sunset. Intrigued by this news, the adventurers asked more people. Eleanore asked in the General Store, where she also bought some provisions. Mary Lou and Gary went straight to the Sheriff, and asked him about the situation. After a few words, the Sheriff gave them the task of investigate the crimes, promising a payment of 5 dollars per day. They accepted the job. They met again at the Saloon, and decided to have a look at the town.

They examined the place where the murderer was hanged. Upon a closer look, they realized that he had no shoes, but found no other thing of any interest. They examined the church and the graveyard. Several placed showed signs of recently removed ground, for the most recent victims of the unknown murderer.

The night was falling, and the townsfolk were taking refuge inside their homes. Mary Lou, Gary and Eleanore decided to mount guard around the town, and look for the murderer. Not so much later that night, they heard a scream. They ran towards its origin, and found a man, dead, his throat slitted, his blood, still warm, flowing to the ground. They tried to find the murderer, to no avail. The adventurers went to the Sheriff’s house, to inform him about the recent event. He refused to go out of his house. The adventurers examined the dead mans house, but found no clues.

With one hypothesis in mind, they went to the town’s graveyard. Gary started to dig out one of the recently assasinated persons. He managed to dig out the body of a girl, the youngest victim of the unknown murderer. He buried her, again.
The next day, Eleanore told the Sheriff, that she wanted to do a small test: What would happen, if we reunite the entire population of the town, and made them spend the night in the church? The Sheriff, possibly knowing that there was nothing to lose, gathered the people from the town, and explained the plan. Eleanore stayed in the church with the people, and Mary Lou mounted guard with Gary around the town. That night, no one was murdered!

The next day, Eleanore decided to make another experiment. That night, she, Mary Lou and Gary would mount gurad around the town, with someone from the town. Eleanore asked the Sheriff. He reluctantly agreed.

That night, they started their rounds, Gary with Mary Lou and Eleanore with the Sheriff. While Mary Lou and Gary were in the other side of the town, Eleanore stayed close to the church with the Sheriff. When she was distracted, the Sheriff attacked her with a knife. Eleanore barely escaped from the initial damage. She noticed that the Sheriff did not quite look like and himself, and also, he was wearing boots that were too big for him. Seeing that he did not have any intention to stop his attacks, she opened fire against him. Upon hearing the noise, Mary Lou and Gary went to see what was happening…



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